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It has been over 50 years since Alcides Acosta planted his first avocado grove in Miami, Florida. For decades now, he and his family have come to own and manage over 1,000 acres of fruit trees, field-grown palms, container palms, and foliage plants in the South Florida region. The initial focus of the container farm was tropical and cold hardy palms and cycads, but in the past few decades, Alcides’ son Victor, has taken the company to new heights by introducing the perfect production of certain plant subcategories such as Ferns, Cordylines, Yuccas, Bananas and various types of Foliage.

Here at Acosta Farms, we understand the importance of growing a wide variety of plants while keeping enthusiasm and passion present throughout our day to day operations. This is why we offer hundreds of plant varieties to clients throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean. We are constantly looking for new and exciting varieties to diversify our business and keep up with consumer demand.

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Cordyline frutico

Dwarf Century

Ficus Lyrata

Fishtail Palm

Foxtail Palm

Hibiscus Pink

Kimberly Queen

King Sago Palm

Laurentii - Sansevieria Trifas

Needle Palm

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